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Watch: Chad Alexander's Keynote Address - Night of Dreams 2021

Watch Chad Alexander’s keynote speech for Night of Dreams for The Dream Center. As Chad mentions, it doesn’t matter what someone’s political affiliation, religion, or skin color is if they are hungry. What matters is that they are hungry and something needs to be done about it. Community involvement is so important. Community involvement is not arguing on social media: it is working together to fix real community issues. This can only be done by making donations to places such as The Dream Center and dropping off donations of food to food pantries. It is acting as a positive role model to those who need it. Love thy neighbor – it is a commandment without exclusion or exception.

What about addicts? Our job is still to…love our neighbors, help our neighbors…not to condemn them. There is no exception. Chad touches on very personal issues in his keynote speech and also explains important statistics related to crime and poverty.

What can you do to make a difference today? Listen to Chad’s Night of Dream’s keynote speech and be inspired about how you can get involved. We can all make a difference when we work together.

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